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Tuesday, August 22

How to Host an Intern
How do I make it a good experience?

Bosack KosekCarol.jpeg

Carol A. Bosack Kosek

Career Services

Wilkes University


Jonathan Tobin

Coordinator, Career Services, Student Services Engagement

Penn State University



Gretchen Kukuchka 
Business Consultant

Small Business Development Center

University of Scranton

What is an Internship?

A form of experiential education that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application to develop skill in a professional setting. 

Who Benefits From an Internship?


​Real world experience

Building a professional portfolio

When: Tuesday, August 22

Time: Noon – 12:35pm

Where:  Zoom

Quality temporary employees
Fresh perspectives​

Tuesday, October 3

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

22 - ICB.jpg

Isabel Botero, PhD

Associate Professor of Practice, Management & Entrepreneurship

Carol Wittmeyer.jpeg

Dr. Carol Wittmeyer Director of Family Business and a Visiting Associate Professor and at St. John Fisher University

Should family members work outside the family business before joining?

Experts have long recommended that this is the best (and only!) way for the next generation to learn the skills and knowledge required for a job, develop vocational self-confidence, receive honest and objective feedback, and learn what “work” really means. And despite there being no empirical evidence to support this claim, many family businesses require their next generation members – in particular, prospective successors – to work outside anywhere from two to 10 years. But does it make a difference, in the real world, to have the next generation work on the outside? We researched this topic and found some surprising insights.

When: Tuesday, October 3

Time: Noon – 12:35pm

Where:  Zoom

Thursday, October 26
In Person

Excelling through Unexpected Crisis
How to Lead your Family Business

Darcy Buck.jpeg

Darcy Buck


A. Rifkin Co.

todd Stephens.jpeg

Todd Stephen's

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen's Pharmacy

Julie Charlestein.jpeg

Julie Charlestein


Premier Dental Products Co.


This panel presentation will allow you to hear from 3 businesses that have come through many challenges in their family business.  Whether the business is 30 years old or 130 years these CEO have stories to tell!


  • Tools to rely on at the height of a crisis

  • How to deal with tensions among coworking family

  • Learn about the opportunities challenges can provide

When: Thursday, October 26

Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm

Where: Wilkes University Student Center

Lunch included

Tuesday, November 14
In Person

Difficult Conversations in Family Business


Patricia Fox, Psy.D.


How do you approach that conversation that keeps you up at night?

Some conversations can not be brushed under the rug without consequences.  How to handle it?


  • Why it is important

  • Tools to better clarify a situation

  • How to prepare and not react

  • What to expect

When: Tuesday, November 14

Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm

Where: Penn State Scranton Sherbine Lounge

Lunch included


All Non-credit Programs are offered at a discount for FBA members!

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