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At the Family Business Alliance, we believe that Peer Groups create deep and meaningful connections between Family Business and closely held business members. 

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The Family Business Alliance is committed to supporting connectivity during COVID-19. The Family Business Support Initiative was created to build a network of Family Business Owners (Now Gen) and Next Generation (Next Gen) Family Business members. Due to the challenges that all Family Businesses are facing, the Family Business Alliance is offering no membership required, open enrollment for Now Gen and Next Gen peer groups. 

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The opportunity to learn by seeking advice from peers and professionals who have “been there, done that” and who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge.


8-10 People per group

Meetings on a continual basis

*frequency determined by the group

1 facilitator per group

No siblings or competitors in the same group


All information shared during a peer group meeting is completely confidential under a Safe Haven Agreement. 

NowGen Peer Group program is for the individual who is running the family business and possibly looking to share best practices with other Family Business Leaders

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The NextGen Peer Group is a program for the next generation who aren’t yet running the family business but are actively involved in the business.

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